Based on true events from 2016, a story that has its origins in northern Syria. An attempt at rapprochement between two generations and cultures that meet in a world primarily defined by war.

In the hot afternoon sun, Musa, a middle-aged Kurdish man, is driving home in his pickup through the dusty steppe when suddenly a little boy jumps in front of his car. Hanî, no older than nine years, invites himself into the car. After Musa’s futile attempts to get rid of the boy, his compassion prevails. He takes him home.

Nofe, Musa’s wife, receives the weakened and silent boy with skeptical feelings. Without knowing who Hanî really is, the couple takes care of him. Despite their own existential fears, Musa and Nofe want to give the boy a home.
Just as Nofe is trying to build a bond with Hanî, suspicion grows in Musa due to several incidents, most recently the disappearance of his only weapon, which served as protection for the couple. The question of guilt becomes one of trust.

Musa sees no other way out than to take Hanî to the police. Worried about the boy’s fate, Nofe prevents him from doing so by asking him to drop Hanî off at the nearest village instead. In the car, Hanî claims he wants to show Musa where the gun is. The film ends with Musa stopping the car.